Science Stream and Faculty Members

Science Group

Department of Physics

    Shri. Narender Paul (Associate Prof.)
    Shri. Bharat Bhushan (Assistant Prof.)

Department of Chemistry

    Dr. Pushpa Negi (Associate Prof.)
    Dr. Shiwali Thakur (Assistant Prof.)

Department of Zoology

    Mrs. KSM Chauhan (Associate Prof.)
    Dr. Hem Raj (Assistant Prof.)
    Mrs. Yojana Thakur (Assistant Prof.)

Department of Botany

    Mrs. Anita Kumari (Assistant Prof.)
    Mr. Prem Prakash (Assistant Prof.)

Department of Mathematics

    Dr. Jeevan Masoi (Assistant Prof.)
    Shri. Kushal Chand Sharma(Assistant Prof.)
          Mrs. Anuradha  (Assistant Prof.)
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